Detailed chassis view

June 12, 2010

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Detailed chassis view completes the set of detailed views for release 1.2. The screen will display information that is normally reported by ipmitool chassis status command. Typical output from that command usually looks like this.

System Power         : on
Power Overload       : false
Power Interlock      : inactive
Main Power Fault     : false
Power Control Fault  : false
Power Restore Policy : always-off
Last Power Event     : command
Chassis Intrusion    : inactive
Front-Panel Lockout  : inactive
Drive Fault          : false
Cooling/Fan Fault    : false
Front Panel Light    : off
Sleep Button Disable : not allowed
Diag Button Disable  : not allowed
Reset Button Disable : not allowed
Power Button Disable : allowed
Sleep Button Disabled: false
Diag Button Disabled : false
Reset Button Disabled: false
Power Button Disabled: true

As of version 1.2 the app does not collect and show all data provided by the status command. The list is very extensive. We made a decision to concentrate on fault flags first.

Below are two screenshots showing a trouble free server (front panel locked) and a server with a security violation.

Detailed Chassis View with front lock activeDetailed Chassis View with intrusion detected

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