Updated server list screen

January 20, 2012


Work on the next version of IPMI touch is progressing forward and so today I would like to share a really cool UI enhancement. Main server list gets a makeover. Previously only a spinner indicated server activity. In 1.4 each server cell will show actual progress of the operation via pie style progress indicator as well as ipmi status messages, network errors and “last updated” timestamp as appropriate.

Visuals of the final version might differ slightly. However, the video below should give a good idea on how the screen will look like.

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  1. Alvaro Hardy says:

    The ipmitool open interface utilizes the OpenIPMI kernel device driver. This driver is present in all modern 2.4 and all 2.6 kernels and it should be present in recent Linux distribution kernels. There are also IPMI driver kernel patches for different kernel versions available from the OpenIPMI homepage.

  2. Franklin Cole says:

    Use the cdr start repair command to start a repair job that was previously defined with the cdr define repair command. You must run this command while connected to the source server for the job, as specified in the cdr define repair command by the –syncdatasource option.

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