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May 15, 2011

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With version 1.3 of IPMI touch a couple of weeks away from public release it is time to take a look at some user-facing enhancement that are going to be included in this revision of the app. Let’s start with ACPI shutdown.

In addition to unconditional power on/off functionality currently implemented in the app, IPMI protocol provides a way to cleanly shutdown a machine (‘chassis power soft’ command in ipmitool). The action is equivalent to physically pushing server’s power button and should results in orderly or graceful shutdown if supported by OS.

The thinking behind not including soft shutdown originally was that if the server is up then there is a way to get to it (via remote desktop, SSH, VNC etc) to call normal shutdown and therefor the functionality is redundant. However, it is clear now that it is really convenient to have that option exposed in IPMI touch.

Below are two V1.3 screenshots showing new Soft-shutdown button and Soft-shutdown request in progress status message.

Soft-shutdown dialogSoft-shutdown in progress

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4 Responses to “Soft shutdown”

  1. Bruce Scott says:

    On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:40:01AM -0700, Albert Chu wrote: > On Mon, 2012-09-10 at 10:32 -0700, Andy Cress wrote: > > For this symptom: > > > Trying to shut down the machine (actually, a whole set of machines, > > all > > > behaving the same, so it’s not a single fault), by running “shutdown > > -h > > > now”, will not halt but reboot it. > > > The only way to reliably switch it off seems to be to run “ipmitool > > > chassis power soft”, then “shutdown -h now”. > > > The machine will then stay off for exactly 24 hours, then magically > > > restart. > > > > It sounds to me like someone is doing one of these every 24 hours: > > * sending a Wake-On-LAN magic packet to eth0 > > * sending an IPMI LAN chassis control power on command.

  2. Joesph T. Love says:

    ipmipower allows users to remotely power on, off, cycle, hard reset, get a power status query, perform a pulse diagnostic interrupt, or initiate a soft-shutdown of the OS via ACPI through the IPMI over LAN protocol.

  3. Mike says:

    Has the development stopped for this ?

    >> With version 1.3 of IPMI touch a couple of weeks away from public release <<

    That was in 6 months ago and I am really waiting for this feature :)

    • yellowKompressor says:

      Mike, 1.3 with soft-shutdown is finally submitted for review. Unless something unexpected happens the update should available on the app store in about a week.

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